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From Warwick Rowers to the

Worldwide Roar!

We are the Worldwide Roar.  For the last ten years, we were better known as the Warwick Rowers.  We produced award-winning naked calendars and a range of other products to support amateur sport, to promote inclusion in sport and to develop and fund Sport Allies, a registered charity that works to build on our core messages of LGBT rights, gender equality and sporting opportunities for everyone through films, research and advocacy.

Now, with the help of our partners and supporters in the arts, media, academia, human rights and sport, we plan to build on a decade of global success.  And to make that happen we need sportsmen like you!

Our calendar has long been seen as a mental health and human rights campaign, and now we want to make it more inclusive.  The Worldwide Roar will enable you and sportsmen everywhere to support LGBT rights, gender equality and better male mental health. 

Robbie Manson, New Zealand's world record holding rower has led the way by taking part in our tenth anniversary calendar, and we are inviting you to join us as we become the Worldwide Roar.

We have learned a lot from our calendar over the last ten years - about diversity, equality and how to be better men.   We have also had a lot of fun, and we want to share all of this with men around the world.  Men like us, men like you, men who want to make the world a fairer place and who understand that sport can play a leading role in making that happen.

Our first calendars as the Worldwide Roar will be incredibly important and we'd like your help. We want you as sportsmen to take part in large scale shoots that will show the diversity of men who take part in sport, regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, birth gender or physical disability. 



Let's start the Roar with a bang!


Key Details


Shoots for our upcoming editions of the world famous WR naked calendar


We will be shooting worldwide.  In 2020, we plan to shoot in New South Wales, Australia, New Zealand, southern Spain, the French Alps, and Alberta, Canada.



Dates and times of our upcoming shoots will be shared via our newsletter. Sign up now to be the first to know!



worldwide roaR:


The Worldwide Roar is a mental health project with a human rights message.



Drawing on ten years of learning at Warwick Rowers, the Roar has been created with the help of academic experts at Leeds Beckett University and the University of Calgary.


The Roar will enable men to set individual and team goals based on their sporting skills, their physical fitness, their social skills, empathy, courage and commitment to change.


Participants will set their own objectives as part of a process that considers the purpose of the project, the reasons for taking part and the potential results.  As we have established over the last ten years, the nudity will enable men to share new experiences, embrace new perspectives and show commitment to their goals. 


Alongside personal development outcomes for participants, the Roar will 


  • support a major international research project exploring how sportsmen can become agents for social change


  • help make sport a welcoming and inclusive environment


  • enable participants to show leadership on key human rights issues within their own communities


  • fund the core activities of registered charity Sport Allies to identify and share best practice of inclusion through sport 


  • offer participants a global platform to express their perspectives.  



The Roar will be a global, mindful conversation open to anyone affected by male mental health.  Which is everyone.


Help us to get the conversation going.


Frequently asked questions




You must be over 18, identify as male and be active in some form of organised sport.  Otherwise, we aim to be as inclusive as possible and to embrace men and trans men of all ages, ethnicities, sexualities, and physical abilities.

Yes, you do, but our calendar and viral content are limited to implied nudity (no frontal) and this will be stipulated within the release you sign.


For those who feel bolder, we welcome participation in our other content (documentary films, coffee table books and monthly magazine). We are making a separate release available for men who are happy to take part on this basis.

We aim to promote natural body hair in the project.  In particular, pubic hair should be as natural as possible.
Otherwise, we only ask that participants have a tidy hair cut and that nails on hands and feet are clean and well presented.
The rest is up to you:  some people like to train to make sure they are camera-ready, but this is not obligatory.



Usually, start early in the morning (we know you are used to this!).  The core shoots tend to last until late morning/early afternoon. 


There will be an option to take part in further filming, interviews and photoshoots throughout the rest of the day. 


No. We are very grateful to our friends in the sport of rowing, including athletes from Warwick who remain involved in the project, world record holding Olympian Robbie Manson, Sport Allies trustees including Olympian Tom Solesbury, and everyone at British Rowing.  All of us have worked to make this a project that welcomes athletes from every sport.  So please join us, whatever sport you love!




OUR parnters

The vision of Sport Allies is a world where sport leads the way in promoting diversity.  To make that happen, we aim to:


  • contribute to the debate so we can change policy

  • share and promote best practice on the ground

  • empower young people as influencers and agents for change


Every day, people in  sport all over the world are working to make it a more inclusive environment.  We want to identify their stories and empower talented young people to turn these stories into impactful films – films that will give people everywhere the inspiration and the confidence to raise their game.  


Because everyone deserves a sporting chance.